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No longer able to survive off the land alone the Bushmen have turned to traditional jewellery making to help ensure their survival. On this trip Sabine Roemer  collaborated on a collection together sharing our skill sets and teaching each other about our different ways of working. The jewellery is created out of ostrich egg shells that they have been making for countless generations,.

Largely isolated from the outside world until the last century they created intricate pieces using wild seeds, sticks, bone, leather, tortoiseshell and most importantly of all, beads painstakingly created from ostrich egg-shell each handmade. The Bushmen are almost as old as time itself. These gentle people have existed in harmony with the animals and nature of their native Kalahari for countless generations. Their simple, honest ways are today under peril from the unyielding tide of modern progress which threatens the only life they have ever known. Often victimised by their more powerful neighbours and dispossessed of their lands the 100,000 San in southern Africa are amongst the poorest and most disenfranchised of southern Africa’s people.

They battle with extreme poverty and the ravages of AIDS on a daily basis and are largely dependent on the handouts. The talented photographer, Boo George created the most beautiful images of a young Bushman girl modeling the collection in the Desert of the Kalahari.

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