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Anything is possible in Hollywood, even being Santa for a day!

When my dear friend Baroness Kimberly Moore (who founded www.adoptaletter.org) told me about her program to focus and support underprivileged children and families in the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles, I booked a ticket to go back to LA, the city of angles, to play Santa”s little helpers with her.

Kimberly started The Adopt-A-Letter campaign five years ago collecting Letters that are written to Santa by children in need around Los Angeles. People are invited to sponsor or “adopt” a child’s Christmas wish. The letters are posted on the website to browse through.

20,000 children in LA had their Christmas wishes granted when their letters to Santa were answered. Kimberly and her helpers deliver the gifts personally.

I was surprising my –adopt-a-letter-child  Aroun with a Michael Jordan Outfit, Wall-E and Lego toys.

What is most unique about the Adopt a Letter campaign, which is powered by HEAL LA this year, that makes it stand out from the rest – 100% of money raised goes to buy gifts.  If you would like to help Adopt-A-Letter please visit the website for contact details.


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