‘CRAFTED: THE CLASS OF 2013’ at Somerset House


Sabine Roemer is part of this years ‘CRAFTED: THE CLASS OF 2013’ which will showcase alongside of ‘CRAFTED: MAKERS OF THE EXCEPTIONAL’ celebrating outstanding British craftsmanship with Walpole British Luxury and will be hosted by Vacheron Constantin. From Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th April, a collection of 20 of Britain’s most talented and pioneering artisans will demonstrate their passion, dedication and expertise, bringing to life the creative process, from exquisite and rare raw material to desirable and valuable finished work.

From the stitching on a calf-skin leather handbag to the intricate metalwork on a statement mirror, expert craftsmanship is at the heart of all luxury goods and fine jewellery. The showcase offers a unique insight into the excellence of fine craft by elevating the time honoured expertise, intimate knowledge and captivating interactions between art, design and skill of the hand.

Expressed in four simple themes – A craft perfected, A tradition preserved, A life devoted and A business nurtured – live demonstrations will give guests exclusive access to the essence of each craftsperson’s art.  Vacheron Constantin’s Master Watchmaker will be present to demonstrate the rare skills that combine intricacy, prestige and elegance; along with enamellist Anita Porchet, the most renowned miniature enamel painter in the world.


Date: 4th – 6th April 2013

Time: 10am – 6pm

Location: Somerset House West Wing

Admission: Free for the public