Before its official launch on 11 November 2011, Elephant Parade Singapore had a mini-stampede at the Asian Civilisations Museum where invited guests were given an exclusive and private preview of six elephant statues before they headed out to the streets of Singapore.

Guests were spotted admiring the six elephants on display that night which were Leona Lewis’ ‘Free Spirit’, Ay Tjoe Christine’s ‘Space for the Three Alphabets’, Yeesookyung’s ‘Translated Vase Baby Elephant’, Ben Cabrera’s ‘Santan’ ,Arturo Sanchez Jr.’s ‘Bula’ and

Sabine Roemer’s ‘Pretty & Pink
“ My inspiration came from a long lasting partnership between the egret bird and the elephant, where each animal helps each other. As the Elephant Parade is heading to Singapore for the first time this year, my vision was to fuse the national bird of Singapore, the “sunbird crimson”, with this beautiful, kind, endangered Asian elephant. ”
0391_1                     sabine-roemer-01                       prettypink-by-sabine-roemer-in-singapore