Sabine 5

Sabine Roemer, one the few classically trained master gold- and silversmiths, brings to life her artistry at her London Atelier; handcrafting beautiful, unique creations of jewellery and objet d’art.

Falling in love with the craft at the age of fifteen Sabine graduated as one of the youngest master goldsmiths at Germany’s highly acclaimed Pforzheim Goldsmith and Watchmaker School. There she honed her skills in designing and sketching with watercolours, hand sculpting metal, carefully cutting and setting stones, as well as all of the finishing touches required to create and share her jewellery art with the world.

Sabine has worked with many major fine jewellery and fashion houses in Europe and won numerous awards. In 2010, she launched her own collection, the breath-taking ‘Arabian Nights’, exclusively in the prestigious ‘By Appointment’ department at Harrods.Sabine takes on a limited number of commissions each year in order to dedicate adequate personal time to each collectable handcrafted piece of heirloom jewellery either at her Atelier in London or while traveling around the world to meet with a select number of cherished private clients.

Philanthropy is close to Sabine’s heart and, when not working with renowned jewellers or private commissions, she uses her skills to support her favourite causes by creating unique pieces for auction. In addition, Sabine launched the ‘From You With Love’ charity to provide education for children in the Ladakh area, after personally surviving one of the biggest natural disasters in the Himalayas in 2010.

With over twenty years of experience, an eye for perfection and her feminine talent for hand crafting beautiful pieces of jewellery and sculptures, Sabine continues to takes inspiration from the nature of the world to create collectible jewelled ‘stories’ that can be cherished forever. The memories she captures in precious metal can be passed down to the next generation. As she believes Jewellery has a special relationship between people that few other possessions are able to achieve.


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