The first elephant, where you can sit in


Sabine’s work creating the most highly-valued elephant for the elephant parade, which was featured in London’s Selfridges in 2010 has led her to win further accolades: in September 2011 she showcased her Throne Elephant during Milan Fashion Week- the first elephant, where you can sit in. A coorperation with Foglizzo, an Italian bespoke leather company they decided to create a throne in white leather and set with Swarovski crystals. This elephant was showcased during the parade at the Milan Malpensa airport.
The “Duomo” of Milano, the largest cathedral in Italy, which is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, inspired me to create this beautiful bespoke “Throne Elephant”. I wanted to recreate the stunning roof, which has a forest of openwork pinnacles and spires, set upon delicate flying buttresses.
throne-elephant-milan small-elephant img_0631-copy_1